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operating activities

Get Radio-Active!

Welcome to n1ep.com OPS page, where you will find varied communications activities you can join.

Check this page often for updates.

Straight Key Night

Join in the fun with your straight key or bug on New Years Eve and Day!

Check out event details at http://www.arrl.org/straight-key-night

Kids Day!

Another great upcoming op is ARRL Kids Day, held twice a year. Jan 5 is the next one. Get a kid on the air or get your club to put on a special event that day and invite some youth! Check out this link for more details http://www.arrl.org/kids-day

Contests Can Be Fun For Some, or Many

The November 19 portion of ARRL Sweepstakes was a fun time for everyone who joined N1EP and N1ZPV at their home in Milbridge. Most didn't even pick up the microphone, but they thoroughly enjoyed the social aspect and all the delicious food that was provided.

Only N1EP, N1NUA, and KC1FXF spent any time in the 'shack' for Sweepstakes. Joan N1NUA demonstrated her fondness for contesting. Next time we will have to make an effort to get a bit more serious (well, not too serious) and actually try to compete and make a respectable amoiunt of contacts. But this was a great starts. The log shows 55 contacts totally 3,630 points earned. Not enough for the win!

Check out the article and photos under the NEWS section of the web site.

Digital New & Old

NBEMS A Fun & Powerful EMCOMM Suite

An FLDIGI-FLMSG training net will will be held on the Hancock County EMCOMM Repeater 146.910- (pl 151.4) on Tuesdays at 1830 (6:30pm) through the end of November (if there is enough interest). It is convenient to have a USB Signalink digital interface, but it is not required. All you need is to download FLDIGI and FLMSG and install and then you can acoustically couple the audio between your microphone and computer speaker. Download the software for your operating system at https://sourceforge.net/projects/fldigi/files/

Learn Morse Code

Sometime this winter the CW Training Net will return.Check back here for times and frequency.